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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Nathanael is Seizure Free

Awesome News! Praise GOD !!!

We were so glad today when we got the news from HUKM, after intepreting the EEG report, they declared that Nathanael is Seizure FREE!! Praise GOD!! Thank You JESUS!!

For those of you who are reading this for the first time, you will need to read about his Medical Condition first and view all his seizures that he used to have on his Fits Diary; to understand the JOY of receiving that news from the doctors.

We started Nathanael on the Ketogenic Diet in September 2006 and poor Nathanael had to spent his Second Birthday in hospital undergoing treatment and change of diet. But thankfully the Ketogenic Diet worked, and he is now well.

The Doctors said that we can now start weaning Nathanael off his anti epileptic drugs that he's on. Nathanael is currently on TWO AED.

In November 2006, we did an EEG Report at the hospital, and that was 1 1/2
months after starting the Ketogenic Diet. The doctor recently intepreted the
report for us and informed us that there was such an improvement, but they still
saw Seizure activity when Nathanael was sleeping.

Download the Nov 2006 EEG Report here

And in December 2006, we went to another hospital and did another EEG Report. And we just received the report today stating that Nathanael is Seizure Free!! That he is normal both asleep and awake!! Prasie GOD!!!!

Download the Dec 2006 EEG Report here

Thank you so much for praying for Nathanael, and we know that your Prayers have worked! Thank you for showering your love, hope, support and continuous words of encouragement.

We continue to ask you to keep praying for Nathanael, now we need to pray and ask GOD to work on his overall development skills. We are so thankful that he has made one big step in being able to SIT on his own and join us to pray as we help him in his therapy sessions to be able to Stand, Walk and Jump!!

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Monday, January 29, 2007

Swimming with his new Arm Floats

Nathanael is Swimming with his new Arm Floats.
When you Look to your Left .. its Winnie
When you Look to your Right .. its also Winnie the Pooh

Nathanael didn't really like the Arm Floats.
He usually gets to go in a Round Floating Device.
But we thought this would be good therapy for him to try it this way.

Nathanael was very naughty. He kept bending his legs.
So Daddie has to "straighten" his legs.
So you see Nathanael holding himself up above the water,
but daddie has to help him to learn to move his legs.

As you can see from the Picture, Nathanael is like
"Mommie, Stop taking photos and get me out of here!!"
Hehehehe .... Again we were getting Nathanael to
Straighten his legs, so we put his legs at the edge of the pool and held him.

Finnaly .. dry land!

Look Mommie .. No Hands!!!

Nathanael is on his own! :)

This was what was happening underwater.
Nathanael was standing on my Knees! :)
We're glad that he can "stand" underwater, but water helps with our boyancy,
that's why he can support his weight in water.
(Err daddie looks "thin" underwater - :) )

Nathanael's Ride on the SLIDE

We took Nathanael for a Ride on The Slide yesterday at our Condo.

Eh .. daddie i thot you promised me to go swimming wan?
You dressed me up in my swimming get up and end up putting me on this Slide Machine!!
Come on ... Come on .... let's jump in the POOOL! :)

Okies..... Focus real hard. Balance ... balance...
And Slide DOWN!!
We actually use the Slide as a form of therapy to get him to feel the ways of balancing when coming down the Slide.
We let him come down the slide sitting down (assited of course)
Then we also put him lying down and and let him Slide down (unassisted).
:) Good Therapy Session

It was Missions Emphasis Weekend in Church

Since it was a Missions Emphasis weekend in church,
we dressed Nathanael in an Indian costume.
You can see from the Top Pictures, we had many countries represented in Church and we also had a lot of awareness of reaching our and praying for other nations.

Nathanael and Vanessa checking each other out!
Hmm .. i like your blouse ...
Hmm ... i like your vest .... :)

When Nathanael arrived at church. Mebbe he was very surprised.
But his mouth was agape for the longest time.
Mebbe he was hungry ler?

Mommie and Nathanael having a tete-en-tete
Nathanael really responds well to Mommie.
And certain loving sounds that Mommie makes really makes
Nathanael laugh and laugh and laugh.
Ask Tiff to show you the next time !! :)

So Cute his passport Pics

We found out from the Immigration department that when Nathanael turns two years old, he needs to change his passport picture (the previous picture was him as a baby!)

Check out these two shots .... of Nathanael ... he so cute lah.

** We are using the Bottom Picture of course ! :) hehe

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Nathanael Drinks His Water

See how nonchalant Nathanael is where he sits on his stroller (cross his legs)
and drinks his water, when the maid feeds him with water yesterday.
Too much!!

Nathanael on his Walker at HUKM

During Nathanael's physio therapy in HUKM last week. He was placed in a new walker. The Walker is to help him stand, move, balance and to carry his weight.

Watch him on the walker in the video below, or click here.

Nathanael Hugging his Bolster

Its another progression that we see in Nathanael, when he learns to reach out and take things.
In this video you will Nathanael reaching out to his Bolster.

See how he reaches out and take the Bolster in the video below.

Watch it below or click here.

AND here is another Video of Nathanael learning to Roll the Inflated Ball with his therapist.
See how he learns to receive and push the ball.

Watch the Video below, or click here

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Nathanael Playing the Keys

Nahanael playing the KEYS!!
In his recent therapy session at HUKM, Nathanael is surrounded by his therapist, student interns and the maid, as they get him to sit up and to play a musical keyboard.

Nathanael Kneeling & Laughing

One of Nathanael's therapy sessions at home is to learn to put weight on his knees.

In the photos and videos below you will see that he is learning to kneel on his own. Which is a good progress.

In the first video below you will see that Nathanael is so cute. He was laughing when Tiff drop a book on the table. Tiff kept this action a few times and you can see Nathanael laughing.

Enjoy the Video 1 below or click here.

Video 2 of Nathanael Kneeling, Watch it below, or click here

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Tunnel Therapy for Nathanael

Check out this new Therapy for Nathanael in HUKM
Its a colorful Tunnel made of Fabric, which is to help Nathanael be attracted to move
within and to play in the Tunnel.
Check it out .... :)

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Nathanael in the Hood!

Nathanael was in church celebrating the New Year countdown to 2007!!
Being prepared for the cold cold aircond in Maranatha Hall, he put on his red jacket.
We will share Nathanael's Thanksgiving (powerpoint) in tomorrow's post.

On Boxing Day ... I opened up all my Christmas Pressies

This post a bit ketinggalan.

These are Nathanael's Christmas presents when he opened all his presents on Boxing Day. Check out the Ribbon tied on his head, our maid was getting creative with all the wrappers and ribbon opened. :)

Thank you so much to all of you who gave Nathanael presents. (errrr... we received some more presents after 26 Dec... sorry, those pressies are not in this pic)

Nathanael's Frens

Check out the cute picture of Nathanael, Caitlin, Wesley and Renee.
Aiyoh they all look so cute together.

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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Nathanael has Grown :)

See how cute the below picture of Nathanael.
We borrowed the yellow&blue baby carrier from Kim Ann
when Nathanael was born.

Picture of Nathanael when he was 7 Weeks Old
in the Baby Carrier.
hehehe ... Picture of Nathanael NOW
2 Years 6 Months old in the same Baby Carrier.
:) hahaha Cute ler?

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