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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Good News! Weaning off Medication

Good News! Great News! No more medicine! YAY!

Both of Nathanael's doctors (Prof Ong & Dr Choy) has now recommended that we begin weaning off Nathanael's medication. Currently he is on Epilim 200mg BD and a Co-Factor called Carnitine.The entire process will take 3-4months. This is a crucial step we are taking. It's a BIG step of FAITH! We will have to monitor him closely.

Please continue to pray cos we will need all the prayers from U guys. As most of you who has been following Nathanael's journey will know that he has been placed under this special treatment called Ketogenic Diet for almost a year now. He will be on it till 2009.

We wanna thank God that Nathanael has showing tremendous improvements! We're so thankful. Each day he is so amazingly different. Each day is better! GOD is GOOD!
To all the parents out there whose child is on this diet.....we know it is not easy but PRESS ON-keep on persevering ya! Dun give up. Feel free to call or mail us. We would live to connect with you! :)

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Nathanael & Zoe Joy in Singapore

Recently Nathanael & Zoe Joy went down to Singapore.
They were on a mission.....they went down to meet their new & latest addition to the family.

Meet Raeanne Lin our little cousin sister :-

Isn't she cute? We didn't get to play with her yet....maybe when she is older la....WELCOME Raeanne Lin! We love U!

Nathanael Standing & Holding His Radio

Today our maid was helping Nathanael with his physio therapy. She made him stand by the door and got him to hold his little toy radio which Uncle Vic Su got him.

We want to thank God for this as he used to retaliate and refuse to use his hands. This is good as it helps his hands get used to weight bearing. This excercise will help strengthen his hands & fingers!

Every day is a new day, a NEW DAY for God to show us His miracles in Nathanael's life! :) Thank U JESUS!

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Thursday, August 16, 2007

My Sister & I

This is a nice & cute picture of Nathanael & Zoe.
Check out the S I Z E difference! HA HA! Doesn't Nathanael look cheeky?
Zoe adores her Kor Kor and Nathanael simply enjoys being ADORED by his little sis! :)

Nathanael Sitting on a Swing!

Another thing we want to share is that Nathanael can sit on a swing!
This is excellent stimulation! Vestibular Stimulation!

We again want thank our Lord Jesus for touching Nathanael. YES!! We were so happy simply because Nathanael was not able to do that before! See he is even using his hands to hang on tight.....he was afraid at first but eventually he LOVED IT!


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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

MILESTONE--Nathanael got up to sit on his own!

Thank you guys so much for praying for Nathanael! God is really amazing! Nathanael one day about 2 weeks ago decided to get up from a lying position to a sitting position! All on his own! That was amazing! Really! He did it like 8 times that day. ( It's a pity we couldn't catch it on video) --we'll try again! :)

BUT of late our cute little son has been abit laid back thus we need to prompt him to get up and sit. He is becoming more and more cheeky & playful! Also started to display the naughty side of him as well.

Please continue to pray for him ya! All your love & support keeps us going!


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Monday, August 06, 2007

daddie in Manila from 3 - 9 Aug


daddie will be going over to manila to work for close to a week. He will be staying of course at teh Mandarin Oriental in Manila. And since we are keeping this as the family blog, you will have to go our other blog to see what daddie is doing in Manila.

The most recent is from top down.

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