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Monday, April 07, 2008

We have moved to dareNtiff.com

GREAT NEWS!!! We have just bought our own domain and we have transfered all our post from blogger to our all new domain called ........
Yes, please change your Favourites and Blogroll, so that you have it updated and can easily locate us.
:) daren & tiff

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Nathanael learning to climb up & down

A Tribute to Bridges EIP

Heartfelt thanks to Teacher Dolly & her wonderful
team of helpers at school.

You guys are just amazing!

For your love,patience & support towards Nathanael.

-Teacher Dolly

-Ko Ko Benjamin Wong

-Teacher Rachel

-Teacher Joyce

-Teacher Lee Hong

Thank you! I am a living miracle of God and you have been instrumental.
You guys have indeed made a difference in my life.

School Holidays with Nathanael & Zoe Joy


In the HOT sun!

my cool cousins cameby for a nice deep in the pool

(from the top :-mommie,kor kor,abang ben,che che eunice & SLEEPY..me)

errr.....why is the world BLUE?? and I think it's too tight for me.... ahhahahah

see!!! matching with my bikinis!!

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Zoe Joy's Birthday Cake & Presents

Mommie & Daddie got me a JELLYCAKE! Yay! I love it....secretly they love it MORE.
See the next picture, me posing! :)
Hmmm....I wonder who I got that from. :) hahahahaha Daddie for sure.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Zoe Joy's Birthday Cupcake

Feb 27 was my actual birthday...we had a little celebration.

Look at my intense face-can't wait to gobble the cake & the chicken drumstick! Looks so YUMMY! Thank U Ku Por & 6ku Por.
I can't believe I am 1 year old. Thank you again to all who came & celebrated this wonderful milestone with me.
Thank you too for the lovely gifts & most of all your presence.
I love U all!

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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Zoe Joy Turns ONE on 27 Feb 2008


Happy Birthday darling Zoe Joy

Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday to Zoe

Happy Birthday to you

Zoe Joy Lee Hui-En turns one on 27 February 2008.

We wanna THANK GOD for His blessings and favor

on Zoe Joy's life. We have compiled her journey in photos & videos

for her first 12 months on planet earth.

Enjoy the 7 minutes video below.

Watch it below or click here

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Zoe Joy's Bikini Photoshoot

We just could not hold back these fab pictures that mommie took of Zoe Joy last weekend at the poolside. The photos were fabulous and just brings out the cute-ness (if there's such a word) in Zoe Joy.

We went to the pool for a dip, but 90% of the shots that you'll see below are of Zoe Joy.

So so so so so cute lah! :) Check Zoe Joy out in her Pink Bikini outfit! :)

Zoe Joy' Bikini Photoshoot


Zoe Joy sitting by the stairs of the pool. Deciding shall i go in for a dip?


Hmmmm ... the water feels nice and coool!


I am giving you my Cute Stare!


Check out my Pose ...... cute or note?

Cheeky smile heh?


The Serious Look .... :)


daddie!!! daddie!!

why you come in and spoil the photoshoot?


This is my ko ko ... he also cute-ler.

But i think today is just MY DAY! :)


Hmmm ... shall i just ditch the float and

swim a couple of laps?


La la la la la la

Just enjoying the pool and the lovely water.


Who- - - oa .... i can swim in the deep end too! :)

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