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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Nathanael @ HUKM for IV Methylprednisolone

Nathanael is admited to HUKM from 30 March - 1 April. He will be undergoing the IV Methylprednisolone (Steroid) procedure. We are hoping that this will help stop Nathanael's seizures.

Both of Nathanael legs (toes rather) have been used. The right toe is where the intravaneous Methylprednisolone is done and the left toe is where they are measuring his heart beat and pulse.

Please pray along that it will all go well. We are uncertain if it will work, but we are giving it a try.

Read some of the emails that we sent out the past few days and check out the photos and videos of Nathanael in HUKM.

Nathanael @ HUKM Update

Dear all

Here's a short MMS message from Tiff
Line is in. We are in the Peads Ward. Starting drip steroids at 2pm and will be on it until midnight. We are doing good. Nathanael is very active, kicking away.

Daren & Tiff

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Nathanael's Methylprednisolone procedure @ HUKM

Dear Family & Friends

We just returned from our follow up visit with Prof Ong (Peads Neurologist) in HUKM today (29 Mar). She has strongly advised us to start Nathanael on the IV Methylprednisolone (Steroids) ASAP. (her actual words - "aggressively start") IV Methylprednisolone

Possible Side Effects
a) Zero Immunity
b) High Blood Pressure
c) Glucose Urea

Therefore Nathanael has been scheduled to be admitted tomorrow (30 Mar) and will be in HUKM for the next few days. (30th March-1st April)

There is no guarantee that this treatment would help but we MUST try. Please keep us in prayers as we take this step of faith. Thank you for always keeping us in your prayers, we really appreciate it.


Daren & Tiffany

p/s :- After this treatment Nathanael will be homebound for about 2 weeks.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Nathanael's Update from his Video EEG

Dear all

Just wanted to ask u guys to keep praying along for Nathanael.
Some of u know that he was up in Penang for a Video EEG this week with Dr Vicky of the Penang Hospital Besar. She's a specialist for Children with Epilepsy. (or also known as an Epileptologist)

The news wasn't that good

Anyway... from the Video EEG done a day ago, this was her dianogsis of Nathanel. Doc said that the situation is the worst of worst case for Nathanael.

From the Video EEG, it shows that he is having fits 99% of the time.
The times when he is happiest most - smiling, chatting, talking-babbling and moving lots..that's when the fits are non evident.

But each time when he's quiet or staring.... that's when the fits are taking place.

This wasn't what we were expecting, cos we saw the physical count of fits drop from 700+ in Jan to 400+ in Feb. Doc said that are lots of fits that can be occuring in the brain that is not physically seen.

Anyway... doc said that we need to increase the dosage of two out of three anti- epileptic drugs he's taking. And we are most probably going ahead to do an IV Steroid transfusion to help bring down the fits. The doctor said, with his fits condition being so bad, there's no point not doing it anyway.

So ... just wanted to let u know what's going on.

... But u know what? Subtly God must have been preparing me for this, cos i wasn't expecting the news to turn out this way ............ this weekend we are worship leading on Saturday. And in our song list we came up with a new song that we wanted to do. And this new song that we are teaching is called "Still Standing".

The lyrics of the song is powerful. And basically this song says... that no matter how bad circumstances are and no matter what may happen... by the Grace of God .. I'm Still Standing. Amen!!

So we're still standing.

:) daren & tiff

Song goes like this:

You gave me courage to believe
That all Your goodness I would see
And if it had not been for You
Standing on my side
Where would I be

If not for your goodness
If not for your grace
I don’t know where I would be today
If not for your kindness
I never could say I’m still standing

If not for your mercy
If not for your Love
I most likely would have given up
If not for your favour
I never could say I’m still standing

But by the grace of God

(song from Israel Houghton's ALIVE in South Africa Album)

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