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Monday, July 31, 2006

Nathanael Feeding - Therapy

This is a short video of Nathanael being taught on how to feed himself with a spoon.

He's learning how to guide a spoon of food into his mouth and to makan! :)

This is a good progress. :)


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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Nathanael Strikes A Pose

Nathanael just had a hair cut. His hair is realllly short. He's really cute. We will upload a pic soon.

Here's a video of Nathanael taken yesterday on the way he sits!

We were surprised and happy to see how he put his leg over and used his hands to hold his leg!

Cute! Ultimately Cute!! :) [Wait till you see his new hair cut! - cuter even]

Check out his Video here.

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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Nathanael Feeds himself with the Spoon

This is a short post of Nathanael having his lunch. He's assisted with a spoon put into his right hand. He moves his hand to his mouth (assisted) and takes a bite of the yummy lunch!

This is a form of therapy taught by the Speech Therapist to enable him to feel the utensil in his hand and to learn to feed himself.

Nathanael simply loves to eat (as u can see from the various posts that we have of him eating.)
- i guess he takes it on from his dad! :)

Check out the Video here

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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Nathanael on the Walker

This week we had Nathanael try out his baby walker. Just to see how he would respond when put on the walker. Pretty encouraging, he was able to move a little on it.

He looked really cute in this shot, as he was looking straight forward. :)

Here is Nathanael on his Walker.

"I like to Move It, Move It!"

Check out my Legs!
Learning to stand on my own two feet!

In his Physio Therapy sessions at HUKM this week, our maid ("Ten" but pronounced "Turn")was with him on the mat. Here's a cool photo, that shows him sitting up on his own, when she released her hands.

"Look mum .. no hands!!"

For more Photos, click here.

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