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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Nathanael Sits Straight Up!

Check out how Straight Nathanael Sits
We took this picture this morning.
Nathanael is sits better each day.
Check out how straight he sits. We purposedly put him on a Stool.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Wishing You a Blessed Christmas

Dear family and friends

Thank you so much for all your love, support and prayers thru the year.

We want to wish all of you a Blessed Christmas.

May your days ahead be filled with God's favor and blessings always.
Lots of Love
Daren, Tiffany, Nathanael

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Friday, December 22, 2006

Happy Pics of Nathanael

Aiyoh .... see how Happy Nathanael is.....

His grin and laugh are just so so so cute.

Whoooops ... a naked picture of Nathanael ...
Good thing covered by the Bath!! :)

Nathanael's New Tee Shirt

Thank you Uncle Leroy for this cool tee shirt.

Check out what Nathanael's Tee Shirt says.

Its Not a Milk Bottle Belly
Its a Fuel Tank for a
Poo Poo Machine!!

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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Joyful Nathanael

Nathanael is filled with so much Joy. Here are some pictures and a video of Nathanael taken last night where he was just laughing and enjoying himself.

Watch the video below.

Watch the Video below, or Click HERE to view it online
See how hearty Nathanael's laugh is, and how we help stimulate him to laugh along, when we laugh! :) Nathanael is such a Joyful Boy!

Nathanael's First Photo Shoot with STAR Newspaper

Nathanael had his first photo shoot with STAR Newspaper yesterday!

A journalist and photographer came by Yeh Yeh & Mah Mah (grandparents) house and took a photo depicting 3 generations celebrating Christmas.

They took quite a lot of photos, (none below, these were taken from our own Camera).
They said they would give us a call if the photos gets published in the STAR for Christmas.

So we will let you know if that comes out.

Meanwhile ... here's a few cool photos we took as a family by the Christmas Tree.

Nathanael with Cousin Ben

Aren't they Absolutely Adorable?
Cousin Ben with Nathanael in a cheek to cheek pic. :)
These are two cute pictures of Nathanael with Cousin Ben.

Nathanael Tete en Tete with Aunty Emily

Nathanel "tete en tete" (head to head) with Aunty Emily
while working out on his Standing Frame.
In the below picture you can see how manja Nathanael is. :)

Nathanael in the Lazy Chair

This is Nathanael sitting in the comortable Lazy Man's Chair.
He looks really comfortable in it.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Watch Nathanael Laughs at Himself

This is an encouraging sight, as it shows how Nathanael is intrigued by what he sees.
(strangely, this is the only phone video that he is interested in!! hmmmm)

This short video shows Nathanael watching himself on Tiff's phone video, and he is laughing at himself in the phone video. He he he

Watch the Video below, or Click here

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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Nathanael's Black Eyed Panda

Check out Nathanael's new toy.
Its a Black Eyed Panda. Thanks to Uncle Nick who just got back from Mongolia
with this cute gift for Nathanael.
See how the Panda hugs Nathanael's left arm. :) Cuteness!

Nathanael Pressing the Right Buttons

Nathanael playing with his VTECH toy.

Its a musical and light up toy that helps stimulate a child, by coaxing to press the colors or numbers on the toy.

Check out Nathanael learning to press the right buttons!

Hmmm.... which button do i press again?

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Nathanael's Physio Therapy in HUKM

This Week at HUKM
Nathanael's Physio Therapy included learning to Sit Up Right.
His therapist, Yoke Fong and MAS (our maid) assisting to
Sit Nathanael Upright.

Nathanael's EEG Tests at HUKM

This Week at HUKM
Nathanael redid his EEG Test.
Doc said it would be better to retake his EEG
after at least two months into the Ketogenic Diet.
Pray along with us as we wait for the results of this EEG.

Nathanael's First Cement Mix er Truck(Another Toy)

This is Such a Cool Toy - Cement Mixer Truck
Thank you to Aunty April Lee (from the Senior Adults of GT)
for this cool Toy Cement Mixer.
It rolls around on its own, with lights flickering and shining and playing a musical tune.
Its a great stimulation with the lights and music from the toy.

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Nathanael's New Hair Do

Check out Nathanael's cute short hair do.

He was a good boy when mommie brought him to cut his hair.
He sat up on his own and mommie didn't need to hold him no more.
And he allowed the person to cut and trim his hair.

Cute ler?

Friday, December 15, 2006

Nathanel's Gifts from USA

Woo Hoo!! Its early Christmas for Nathanael.

Victor Su just got back from Texas .. bringing back gifts.

Kevin, Tawnya, Elijah & Noah sent back some lovely stuff for the family.

Nathanael sitting with his new BackPack & an I-Flop (Tks Vic)
The I Flop is rather cute with speakers on the ears!

Here's another Picture of Nathanael sitting up in his new Back Pack

Doesn't he look cute? Another Kodak Moment!

Thank you Uncle Kevin, Aunty Tawnya, Cuz Elijah & Cuz Noah for the gifts
In appreciation, i will bite my fingers! haha!!

I love this Little Einstein Story Book! The music is pretty cool too!

Nathanael's Bicycle

Nathanael is blessed with his FIRST Bicycle! :)

Yeh Yeh & Mah Mah (grandparents) recently purchased a Toy Bicycle to help stimulate his senses.

The Bicycle runs on its own (battery powered) and plays a melody as it runs round and round.

The Bicycle does looks rather well done, as in scaled down to size.

See how he's looking at the Bicycle

Hmm, now How do I RIDE this Bicycle?

See how fast the Bicycle runs ... the back tyres are blurred

Hmmm..... the Biclcye is just running on its own!


Boo Hoo! Why the Bicycle Stop?

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