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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Zoe Joy Turns ONE on 27 Feb 2008


Happy Birthday darling Zoe Joy

Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday to Zoe

Happy Birthday to you

Zoe Joy Lee Hui-En turns one on 27 February 2008.

We wanna THANK GOD for His blessings and favor

on Zoe Joy's life. We have compiled her journey in photos & videos

for her first 12 months on planet earth.

Enjoy the 7 minutes video below.

Watch it below or click here

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Zoe Joy's Bikini Photoshoot

We just could not hold back these fab pictures that mommie took of Zoe Joy last weekend at the poolside. The photos were fabulous and just brings out the cute-ness (if there's such a word) in Zoe Joy.

We went to the pool for a dip, but 90% of the shots that you'll see below are of Zoe Joy.

So so so so so cute lah! :) Check Zoe Joy out in her Pink Bikini outfit! :)

Zoe Joy' Bikini Photoshoot


Zoe Joy sitting by the stairs of the pool. Deciding shall i go in for a dip?


Hmmmm ... the water feels nice and coool!


I am giving you my Cute Stare!


Check out my Pose ...... cute or note?

Cheeky smile heh?


The Serious Look .... :)


daddie!!! daddie!!

why you come in and spoil the photoshoot?


This is my ko ko ... he also cute-ler.

But i think today is just MY DAY! :)


Hmmm ... shall i just ditch the float and

swim a couple of laps?


La la la la la la

Just enjoying the pool and the lovely water.


Who- - - oa .... i can swim in the deep end too! :)

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Hear Nathanael Talk / Babbles

This is an amazing milestone for Nathanael. We are all anxiously waiting for Nathanael to speak and to converse. Well in a baby little way, his babbling is part of his communication method in talking and conversing with us.

Check out this short video of Nathanael minutes before he drinks his milk. Mommie holds his bottle and we got the maid to call him and see how Excited he gets and he starts speaking/babbling non stop! :) hahaha ...

This is an amazing feat and we wanna Bless God for the continuous improvements that we see in Nathanael.

Watch the Video below, or click here

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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Nathanael's New Milestone - on the Swing + Walker

WE are combining a couple of videos that we have taken over the last two weeks to show you Nathanael's great progress in his development. We are really happy to see how he has been improving and we just wanna Thank GOD so much for His favor over Nathanael's life.

So you will be able to watch Nathanael achieve new Milestones in the video below as he goes thru the various exercises!! :)

You will see below that Zoe Joy gets involved in Nathanael's therapy, and we honestly believe that she will totally, 100% gain from it and develop even faster as a toddler who by the way has yet to turn 1! She gets to play (while ko ko exercise) during all of ko ko's therapy! :)

Nathanael & Zoe Joy on the Swing Nathanael & Zoe Joy on the Swing

Zoe Joy wants everything that Ko Ko has.

Yes even his Swing!! So While Ko Ko is exercising to stand, Zoe Joy is sitting happily on

the other end!! Oh yeah .. that's their aerobic tights work out!!

NOT! After a work out.. what better way then to go for a Swim! :)

Nathanael on the WalkerNathanael Using the Walker as he makes progress in his

walking steps !! We are really happy to see this!

Nathanael Learning to STEP OUT And this is a new learning milestone for Nathanael.

He is learning to lift his legs to learn to make BIG STEPS.

This will enable Nathanael to bend his knees and lift his leg, stand on one leg

and begin to climb stairs, and more! :)

Watch Nathanael reach new Milestones in this Video Compilation (6.21 mins) of Nathanael at Home, at Bridges School and HUKM therapy.

See the various exercises that Nathanael is exposed to in order to help him to Stand and Walk better! We are really happy to see him progressing well.

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Sharing some CUTE CUTE Photos

Nathanael and Zoe Joy went out shopping with mommie recently. Check out as they pose and put on their shades! :)

Cute Photos - Zoe Joy Cute Photos - Zoe Joy

Zoe Joy looking cute in koko's shades! :)

And another picture of her as she fold her arms! :) Cute-ler?

Cute Photos - Nathanael Cute Photos - Nathanael

I can't agree more! Daddie rocks! :) hehe

Nathanael posing on the chair with his Shades and holding on to mommie's

Sony Ericsson phone as he listens to his fav songs! :)

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Nathanael is looking for a Walker

So we are looking for a WALKER for Nathanael. We must say that Nathanael is improving so much in the last couple of weeks. You can now support Nathanael at his underarms and you will see him progressing in little steps ... as he walks in front!!

WE are ESTACTIC! Really Thank God for the good progress in his development! We are trying to put a couple of videos together and share it with you (hopefully in the next one or two posts!)

Having said that at both HUKM Physio Therapy Room and also at Bridges Early Internvention Programme School, he's been going on the Walker that they have available. And the walker is really helping him to make his walking steps more solid and firm!

A BRAND new walker would cost over RM1500! And we are looking for any second hand walkers that any of you readers may know or have... and if you are gonna sell it.. please let us know!

The Walker Looks like This

Nathanael is looking for a Walker Nathanael is looking for a Walker

It has an adjustable height that will help Nathaanel stand upright

and hold on to the bars to walk ahead.

Nathanael is looking for a Walker

Teacher Dolly and Nathanael walking with the walker at Bridges.

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Sunday, February 10, 2008

CNY Day 4

Yes we are allowed to post more CNY pictures even on Day 4, cos we celebrate Chinese New Year for 15 Days... yes yes... Fifteen long days! :)

Here are more photos of Nathanael & Zoe Joy and the family

Nathanael & Zoe Joy with Yeh Yeh & Ma Ma
Don't you just love the brillance of the colors?

Yes Family pics during CNY is a Must!
Nathanael & Zoe's Kong Kong & Po Po
and all the aunties, Ku Mah, 2Ku, 3Ku, 4Ku, 4Ku Cheong, 5Ku, 6Ku

Kau Fu Leon blowing a kiss on Zoe Joy

Kau Fu with Nathanael & Zoe Joy

Zoe Joy receiving her Ang Pow from 2Ku

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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Chinese New Year Day 2

We have a few more pics as Nathanael & Zoe Joy received more "blessings" in the form of Ang Pows from Uncles & Aunties!! And we got some really special photos taken as well!!

Chinese New Year - Day 2


Nathanael with Tua Kim


Nathanael with 3 Yee Por


Nathanael with Uncle Chong

Nathanael & Zoe Joy had some really beautiful photos

taken by Uncle Yen Chai's Canon SLR camera


Group Pic with Cousins

Ben, Eunice, Zoe Joy, Uncle & Aunty Chong, Nathanael

Nicholas, Joash, Janice, Louise, Benjamin, Vanessa

IMG_5618 IMG_5609

Nathanael was happily listening to his fav music on mom's phone

IMG_5643 IMG_5596

Close up of Zoe Joy

The Happy Smile & The Serious Face

IMG_5635 IMG_5636

Candidly Cute pictures of Zoe Joy

IMG_5633 IMG_5639

I like the features of Zoe Joy's face as she was staring

And after a long day of entertaining everyone ... its time for Zoe Joy's bed time! :)

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Friday, February 08, 2008

Nathanael on the Motorbike

Today at the mall, we put Nathanael on one of the Toy Motorcycles.


He just look so cute on it.

And he sat up with such good posture.


In the end we decided to save on the 2 x 50 cents to get the

bike moving, and just take a pic for all of u to see! :)

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Celebrating Chinese New Year 2008

Its Zoe Joy's first Chinese New Year celebration (sort of, cos she was borned during the 14-days celebration of CNY last year), so technically its her first! :) And this is Nathanael's 4th CNY celebration together with the family!

This is the best time to come together as a family and to EAT! Yups its eating all the way, and more and more eating, and more eating! :) Eating with the family, eating with the cousins, eating with the uncles and aunties. Just loads and loads of eating! :)

Here are some pictures we caught during this Festive Season. Enjoy them!!

Nathanael & Zoe Joy's CNY 2008

DSC03891 DSC03892

Nathanael & Zoe Joy in their CNY baju.

See how cute they are!! :)

DSC03901 DSC03906

I wonder who taught them how to pose!!! They really pose each time the

Camera is pointed at them! :) hehe

CNY EVE at Daddie's & Mommie's CNY Reunion Dinner

Yee Sang

How can CNY be without a Yee Sang!


Nathanael and Uncle Robert

There was this amazing bonding on the eve of CNY

where Nathanael wanted Uncle Robert to carry him.

Many commented Uncle Robert look like Grandpa. :)


Zoe Joy mixing with the older cuzs, Andrew & Sarah!


Grab a photo together with Aunty Mag and Lorraine.


Nathanael & Zoe Joy with cousins, See Yen, Wei Yen & Daniel

DSC03888 DSC03877

Zoe Joy was blest with a CNY cap

and looked so cute with 3Ku Por and 2 Ku Por


And of course with 6ku por as well!!

CNY DAY celebrating CNY with Daddie & Mommie's Uncs & Aunts


Yea!!! My first Ang Pow from Ma Ma


Zoe Joy with Auntie Linda

DSC03913 DSC03920

Zoe Joy with Auntie Mag & Lorraine

Zoe Joy with Lorraine & Sarah :) Girls Power!!


Zoe Joy and mommie! :)


Group Photo with the Lee Family :)


Zoe Joy with Great Grandma Tai Por


CNY celebrate with Kong Kong and Por Por


Yay!!! My Angpow from Grandma Por Por


Nathanael & Zoe Joy with Uncle Douglas & Auntie Lye Peng

DSC03973 DSC03977

Zoe Joy with Cousin Eunice & Abang Ben!!


Nathanael & Zoe Joy with Kong Kong

DSC04000 DSC03996

Nathanael with Mommie! :)

Wishing ALL of you a very HAPPY Chinese New Year!

May God fill all of you with Great Blessings in 2008!

Lots of love

Daren Tiff Nathanael & Zoe Joy

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