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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Choosing the Right Name for our Coming Baby

Tiff is now full term, and our baby is expected to be delivered on 1 March 2007. But since this is Tiff's second pregnancy, at times the baby may choose to come out earlier.

So anytime now .... our second child will be born.

And as with every child that comes to this planet, the parents have an important and huge task of giving the correct name to their child.

So pray with us as we choose the right Chinese name for our child. A child always grows up to the name that's given to them. And its important that we choose a name that fits the character of our baby.

Thanks to Auntie Henritta for this Book. "What's In a Chinese Name". Especially for us who cant read and write Chinese, its really difficult to choose the right name.

Watch out for our baby's Chinese name once we have decided on it. :)

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1 comment:

Dancing Queen said...

Guess what, I've got the same book too! But in the end, it was my FIL who shortlisted the names and we just picked the one we like.

Hope Tiff has a safe and smooth delivery. God bless!

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