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Monday, July 16, 2007

At Darren & Chi Yen's Wedding

It was a lovely wedding ceremony at GT Jalan Gasing

Followed by a Wedding Dinner at Cyber View Lodge at Cyber Jaya

Wesley was the Ring Bearer for Darren & Chi Yen

And he was really dressed up well.

Nathanael & Wesley standing in a Pose

Wesley & Nathanael shaking hands .. .. :)

Nathanael is giving his SHY Pose, when he tilts his head down and gives u

that look. And Wesley ... posing as cute as ever.

During Dinner .... Francis Cobb was carrying Zoe Joy

Congratulations to Darren & Chi Yen on their wonderful wedding ceremony and dinner.

They are both fantastic guitarist, and guess what we received as souvenirs from the wedding?

A little Guitar Pick with Darren & Chi Yen engraved on it! :) hehe

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