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Friday, September 07, 2007

Listen to Nathanael as he Babbles ... :)

One of the other great improvement for Nathanael is his speech development!

He is using more syllables each day, and we are extremely sure he will pop out his first word pretty soon!!

Watch this cute video of Nathanael as he begins to communicate in his "baby babbling language" and gets our attention with his loud "cries" and eventually he sat up at the end of the Video too! :) hehe

Thank You Jesus for Your great works in Nathanael's life.

Watch the Video below or click here

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benben said...

GOSH!!! I didn't know he could ''say'' so many things!!! He never did say all those when i was working with him in Bridges. Indeed he is a smart fella. ;') I was smiling in front of the computer when i saw him say ''babababa''.. Praise The Lord ;P

darentiff said...

Hey Benji

Tks for dropping in!! Yes we Praise God for all the progress we have seen in Nathanael!!

We have one more video to post up this week where he picks up a cable and starts swinging it!! A First Ever!! :) Praise God that Nathanael is learning to use things with his hands! :)

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