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Friday, November 09, 2007

When Nathanael is NOT Happy with his Standing Exercise

As part of Nathanael's daily phsyio therapy, he is required to exercise each day by standing on his own in order to strengthen his leg, knee and hip muscles. (Before all of these, I never knew it took so much effort and muscles to just stand up .. kinda make us take for granted how easy to jump up and walk around .... :)

This is one video where you do not see Nathanael smiling. In fact he's really really upset. He's not happy for the fact that he needs to stand so long, and to do it so often. I guess many times we don't realize what's the intention and the good of things that are good for us, eventhough as parents we explain to Nathanael how important it is for him to learn to stand and to exercise his legs in a standing posture.

See how he protest and shows his "color" when Mas (our maid) helps him and watches over him to ensure that he doesn't fall over.

Video of Nathanael Standing ... Not Happy Mood

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