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Monday, July 30, 2007

Video of Nathanael Swimming & Kicking in the Pool


We didn't want to put this Video at the bottom of the previous post, cos its a true testament of how Great God is in touching Nathanael and amazingly, he just balances himself in the water and kick and move around in the pool!


Watch the Nathanael in the VIDEO below

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Nathanael & Zoe Joy by the Pool

Check out this Photo Blog of

Nathanael & Zoe Joy by the Pool


Nathanael is so so so happy to go into the Pool.

IMG_2446 IMG_2448

Strike a POSE ... Nathanael & Zoe Joy before entering the pool

IMG_2461 IMG_2462

See how happy Nathanael is swimming on his own! This is trully a miracle

to see him swimming on his own, to balance and to be above the water and to kick and move

around on his own in the pool! PRAISE GOD!!!

IMG_2463 IMG_2464

More shots of Nathanael swimming and kicking in the water. :)


Zoe Joy .... reallly reallllly HAPPY!!

IMG_2479 IMG_2481

Zoe Joy poses on the Deck Chair. We like the one on the Right.

Its like .. WHOA!! Look at Ko Ko kicking & swiming that's so AWESOME!


I know U think I'm GORGEOUS!!

IMG_2490 IMG_2493

Zoe Joy doing Press Ups.

101, 102, 103 ......


Having fun in the pool with daddie

IMG_2513 IMG_2514

Swim swim and now i can balance too ....

IMG_2535 IMG_2547

Mommie posing with Nathanael.

And see how HAPPY Nathanael is when mommie whispers to him!!

IMG_2551 IMG_2552

Nathanael is showing mommie how to KICK in the water!!

IMG_2569 IMG_2565

One of Nathanael's fav to be thrown up 4 feet out of the water

He really enjoys the fun!! :)


Here's our Celebrity Daughter Zoe Joy .... sun bathing. :)

*OOPS!.we forgot the shades!! :) hehe

IMG_2619 IMG_2667

Yes our 5 months old daughter can sit up, cross her legs and

look EXTREMELY cute.

IMG_2678 IMG_2693

More shots of Zoe Joy .. now showing off her mid riff! :) haha

IMG_2735 IMG_2739

Koko and Zoe Joy .. see how Koko sayang Zoe Joy when

he tilts his head showing love & affection for his baby sis.

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Friday, July 27, 2007

Nathanael's New Hair Do

See how Smart Nathanael looks

with his Hair combed back

Standing by the Crib

Posing (right hand holding the crib) with 1/2 smile

Check out the Pose

.... Praying Pose .....

This is the I Looking, But not really Looking at U pose ...

This is the Smart, Shrugged Pose.

Cute hor? His new Hair Do.

*Actually we didn't cut his hair,

Super Hairstylist Mommie just combed it back!

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Zoe's the Cutest in a Bandana

Check our Zoe's poses in her Bandana

She's so so so CUTE!!!

Zoe Joy turns 5 Months Today!!

See ... my Black Bandana cute or not???

Whoa.... I want to Move It Move It ....

.... SMILE ....

The hesitant smile .. Hmm.. :)

The bashful Smile .... (Quarter Smile!)

The SMILE that will get What I Want

HUH!! :) The Cute Stare

Thank U Po Po for holding me for all the poses

When I grow up, I wanna play the Marakesh!

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Nathanael Drinking in His Own Cup ... YAY!!

Nathanael Drinking from his OWN Cup

Check out this new Milestone from Nathanael

Oooh.. see how strong I'm holding the cup with my two hands

Gimme more .. gimme more ..... ooooh

See I will finish my water all by myself.

Cute or not my Eyes?

Can Electrify you rite? :) hehe

YAY!!! I've finished my drink!!

We thank GOD for Nathanael's great milestone in learning to

hold and handle his own cup! Trully our God is a God of miracles!

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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Grand Uncle & Aunty from Australia came to visit

Nathanael and Zoe Joy were blest with visits from mommie's
Uncle & Auntie all the way from Sydney, Australia.

Actually mommie's cousin Mabel came too unfortunately we missed photo opportunities....

zoe joy lee

Our Grand Aunt & Grand Uncle came to visit us for a short few days!

They flew all the way from Sydney to be with us.

We love them both so much……. it was Zoe Joy’s 1st time meeting them.

And grand aunt vivian even fed me milk ..... the Aussie way!

Posing with Grand Aunt Vivian & Grand Uncle Sean

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