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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Nathanael's Ketogenic Diet Half Way Mark!


1st year diet done! YAY!!

365 Days have come & gone! The year has flown by so quickly. Nathanael has been seizure free for the past 11 months! We just want to thank our Lord Jesus for the miracle work He has done in Nathanael’s life. It is a miracle that Nathanael adapted well to the diet….for all these times. (Can you can eat the same type of food 6 times a day……. and for 2 years?)

Quite an achievement I must say!

Well, by God’s grace we have reached the half way mark…Only 2,230 meals to go! A reason to celebrate! Thank you for your constant prayers….Nathanael is making remarkable improvements! He turns 3 years old in 4 days time.

This year 2007 proves to be a VERY special birthday celebration for us because his :-

1st Birthday – he still had fits and slept right through the entire party. We never even took a picture of him with his cake

nathanel lee ketogenic diet

2nd Birthday - was spent in the hospital initiating the Ketogenic Diet – so no party.

3rd Year Birthday – PTL!! He is fit free & doing well by God’s grace….thanks be to God who leads us in His triumph!

nathanael lee

Nathanael Sitting

Nathanael Lee

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Monday, September 10, 2007

Ko Ko Nathanael & Baby Zoe Joy

[narated by Nathanael]

Daddie and mommie are really trigger happy. They always seems to be carrying a camera with them wherever they go! I guess we now know how Brad & Angelina feel. Everywhere we go, click click, shopping also click click, church also click click, swimming also click click .. even in the bathroom we get click click!! Aiyoh-nya!

Anyway, we chose the best shots from the recent photoshoot .. check us out

Nathanael + Zoe Joy = Nathazoy

nathanael & zoe joy3

Cool huh? Like in a studio rite?

This shot is taken by Mommie, after taking so many photos of us

she's becoming a PRO!! :)


Yay .. using a Digital SLR with minimum lights ... NOT!

Dad used the Sepia color on his Canon Digital Cam and

took a candid shot of us!! We didnt even get to pose yet!


See-lah my over-enthusiastic daddie, even when

Zoe Joy is blowing her nose, also he wanna take picture!!

We are like Baby CELEBs!! :)

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We visited Joshua Chai's Full Moon

Yay!! daddie and mommie brought us to Joshua Chai's partee!! He's just turned one month old and is five months younger than Zoe Joy.

Joshua Chai's Full Moon
[Reported by Zoe Joy]


Everyone was gathered round Joshua to pray a prayer of Blessing.

Joshua's daddie is Tze Siang and Joshua's mommie is SiawJiun.


Mommie was praying for Joshua and also for Uncle Tze Siang & Aunty Siaw Jiun too


As you can see lots of family, relatives and cell members

were all gathered round during the prayer of blessing.


See ... I'm posing with cute little Joshua boy.

He's got HEAPS of hair!! I need to learn his new trick

and try it on my head! :)

Tks Aunty Yin Mei for carrying me.


There we go two HAPPY FAMILIES together

Uncle Tze Siang, Auntie Siaw Jiun, Joshua boy, Mommie, Ko Ko and Daddie

posing ... SMILE! :)

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Friday, September 07, 2007

Nathanael & Zoe Joy learning their colors

Hehe .... each nite is beautiful bonding time for the whole family, where we play and pray together. We caught this cute scene last nite when mommie was showing the kids the different Colors for their learning & development.


This is the color purple!!

We have prepared a powerpoint presentation representing

the primary & secondary colors for the kids to learn! :)


Nathanael heard daddie and turned back to Pose!! :)


Then Zoe Joy couldn't take it .. and she turned around

to POSE too .. :)


Hmm .... who is the handsome boy on the screen...

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Listen to Nathanael as he Babbles ... :)

One of the other great improvement for Nathanael is his speech development!

He is using more syllables each day, and we are extremely sure he will pop out his first word pretty soon!!

Watch this cute video of Nathanael as he begins to communicate in his "baby babbling language" and gets our attention with his loud "cries" and eventually he sat up at the end of the Video too! :) hehe

Thank You Jesus for Your great works in Nathanael's life.

Watch the Video below or click here

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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Nathanael sits up on his own!! WOO HOO!! A New Milestone

Really wanna thank GOD for the great works in Nathanael's life!! We've been coaxing and waiting for Nathanael to sit up on his own for some time.

And we are blest to see God's promise come to pass, when Nathanael sat up on his own over a month and a half ago!! This is such a great milestone!

He's sometimes shy and when try and capture his actions on video, he would not do it. So we are very happy to say that we finally managed to capture Nathanael sitting up on his own on video last nite.

Watch and see how he rolls his body to the side, and then using his right hands to push his body up to a sitting position!! Woo Hoo!! We are really really so so Glad!!

God is Great and we wanna give Him the Glory! :)

Watch the Video below or click here

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Nathanael can now Hold the Handphone (Milestone)

As many of you would know Nathanael loves music. And Tiff constantly plays music thru her SonyEricsson phone to either stimulate him or pacify him.

Recently another great feat that Nathanael has learnt to do is to take the handphone when you pass it to him. He quite pandai wan, can put it to either his left or right ear to listen to the song! :) haha ... He's very cute when he does that!

Watch this 3.29 mins video where he plays with the SonyEricsson handphone and also his Musical Toy.

Watch the Video below, or click here

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Nathanael can Commando Crawl (Another Milestone)

We are trully thankful to see strides of improvement in Nathanael's development lately. And we wanted to try can capture it on film so that u can rejoice with us and praise GOD for touching Nathanael!!

In the video below you will see Nathanael creeping (or Commando Crawl) to his favourite toy at home at great speed. He would normally cock his head to the side to listen when the toy is playing a song. And once the song ends, you can Nathanael making his way to the toy to press a button, to start another song.

And amazingly when we move the toy over the mat, watch how Nathanael creeps over the mat and reaches out to the Toy. Thank You Jesus for touching and healing Nathanael.

Video of Nathanael Creeping (Commando Crawl) to his Toy

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