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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Cute Ones - Minh, Wesley, Renee & Nathanael

Here are some cute pictures of kidz in chuch, taken today at in church.
We have Minh, Wesley, Renee & Nathanael in the photos below.

Renee : Can i have your shoes? Wesley : Ewww...smelly lah
whilst Minh looking on ... :)

Renee : Don't i look adorable? Nathanel : Yeah u look cute & i like that hat!


Since you say i cute, let me give you some yummy grubs


Do you like it? [Look at Renee's concerned face]

darentiff.blogspot.comOkies okies, let me feed you more grubs!! :)


Hmmm the grubs are making noise in my tummy!


Perhaps if i sit very still, it will all come out :)

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Anonymous said...

Hah! guess whos blog popped up when I was googling for the lyrics to Beautiful Saviour. Darren ru sure you didnt pay google something??? Real cute pics of the kids- now ive got another blog to help me keep updated. Tse Mein

dareNtiff said...

Hey Tse Mein .. tks for dropping in.

Yeah i am amazed at how we got to the top spot on Google too. If you search for "Hillsong Mighty To Save Chords" .. you will also find deetee.wordpress.com - Amazing!

Yeah ... keep coming back to stay updated yah! :)

LaundryAmah said...

wey nat didn't look too impressed with the grub wor...dun simply stuff in my mouth was his expression leh! kakakaka..

nicktay said...

Sooooo cute!!

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