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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Happy Birthday to Mommy

Happy Birthday to Mommy!
Happy Birthday to Mommy!
Happy Birthday to Mom- mmm --- my!
Happy Birthday to Mommy!

We had a simple birthday celebration for mommy yesterday.

Karen brought Wesley to visit god-ma and also surprised her with a Birthday cake. Really sweet! And Wesley had a fun time playing with god-ma!

We sang Mommy a birthday song, made a wish, blow the candle, cut the cake, took tons of photos, took a video and ate Durian Pancake*! :)

Yay! Family Potrait! Happy Birthday Mommy

Hmm... it seems that kids are going out to buy cakes

This one is from Nathanael to Mommy

And this one is from Wesley to god-ma

Mommy & Nathanael blowing out the Candles!

Yes you are correct. Tiffany is 20 years old! :)

Yes yes, the cakes were a suprise!

But nothing surprised Tiff more than the Durian Pancakes!*

See what Durian Pancakes can do.

Check out the Happy Smiley faces !! Tiff's mom was all smiles.

Check out more Happy Smiley faces !!

Tiff's aunt "Gee Yee" couldn't countain it too!

Yups.. this is Nathanael posing with Mommy and Grandad

And of course Nathanael must have a go at the Durian Pancake.

Yum Yum.. Nathanael actually asked for more. :)

Watch the Video here

*The ultimate Durian Pancake from Lai Po Heen, Mandarin Oriental! :)

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LaundryAmah said...

OH happy belated birthday Tiffany!

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