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Friday, September 01, 2006

Nathanael is gonna be a Ko Ko (Big Brother)

We've got exciting news for you all! Praise God for his grace & mercy.
Tiff is pregnant!!! The baby in Tiff's womb is now 3 months and 2 weeks old.
From all the doctor's visits thus far, baby is doing well and with a strong heart beat.

Expected due date will be 1 March 2007. So we ask that you pray along with us, especially for mummy Tiff as she carries our second child and continue to take care of Nathanael - and bringing him for all his therapy classes, early intervention school and hospital visits.

And the million dollar question that all of u keep asking us continually. Wow, how do u guys do it? We were discussing this last nite, and we feel that, if you are in a similar circumstance, with God, we believe u will also rise up the the situation and do all you can for your child. Its all thru God's strength and our Hope that is in Him!!

Even as i am typing this, a very appropriate song is playing the Background. Make Me Glad from Hillsong's Blessed Album.

The chorus of the song says this:
. . . You are my Shield, my Strength
My portion, Deliverer
My Shelter, Strong Tower
My very present help in time of need . . .

And true enough God is our shield, our strength, our portion, our deliverer, our shelter, our strong tower .. and our constant help in all our needs. So continue with pray with us, we covet your prayers for the family, finances, the future and God's favor in our lives!

YAY!! Tiffany is Pregnant and Nathanael is gonna be a Ko Ko! :)

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yew mun said...

congratulations! glad to hear such wonderful news and praise the Lord. will pray for you and family.

yew mun

Ivan said...

Whoo hooo. Congrats. That's good news.


Thomas said...

Congrats Tiff and Daren!!! and of course Nate.......:P

Will continue to pray for you guys!

Daniel said...

Yaayyyyy!!! Congrats bro!!


LaundryAmah said...

yayy! congrats! lovely news! God bless!

angelineweess said...

Congratulations!!! YIPPIE!!Indeed God is out strength,deliverer and our shield,tru all the pain and and sufferings he will be there to be with us and guied us,trust in him and he will deliver us. Stay Strong and be blessed!!!

Anonymous said...

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May said...

Congrats Daren & Tiff! A promotion for Nathanael indeed! We shall keep praying along with you guys.

Am sure God has big plans for Nathanael!

God bless

B Yoong said...


Congratulations to the 2nd time daddy and mummy
..... you are always
remember in our prayer.

byoong & terence

jo koo said...

this is simply wonderful!! congrats Tiff! Congrats Daren!!
Nate, you're gonna be a koko!!! woohoo!!!

it's wonderful!
so so so so happy for you guys!

amelia said...

Congrats on your second baby. will be keeping nathaneal and tiff in prayer.

i've another 2 mths to go before baby is due. waddling
like a duck noww...

take care

Evie said...

Daren, congratulations! We are so happy for you and Tiffany; we will be praying for all of you.

Love, Evie

e&e&e&e said...

waaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh welcome to the group of 4!!!!

Love and hugs from the "E"s

Sandie Cheng said...

have not been online 4 a long long time

wah another addition in d family, so happy for both of u

congratulations n pls send my luv to Tiff

N big bro Nate will have a companion

wow such good news

Take care & God bless
always keeping u + yrs in prayer


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