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Monday, September 11, 2006

A Tribute to Nathanael's Grandparents

We believe that Nathanael is just blessed with so much love all around. From all our family and relatives and friends. We've always seen your love, care, concern and prayers for Nathanael.

We continue to thank you sincerely from our hearts and we urge you to keep praying with us each day for a miracle to breakthrough in Nathanael's life.

Today we wanna share some LOVE that overwhelms us, which overflows out of their hearts to Nathanael. Nathanael is blessed with his grandparents

  • Yeh Yeh & Mah Mah (Arthur & Mary)
  • Kung Kung & Po Po (Michael & Linda)
We believe the prayers of our grandparents are amazing. Our grandparents are so much wiser and full of insights and with a myriad of experiences that most of us would hardly have ever encountered to date. They are also extremely patient and tender and yet so sacrifically giving in all their ways. :)

Today's tribute is to Nathanael's Yeh Yeh, Mah Mah, Kung Kung, Po Po. Thank you for all your love, your sacrificial giving of time, care and help. Thank you for your prayers, because they make a difference.

Nathanael loves Yeh Yeh, Mah Mah, Kung Kung, Po Po and we know you love him too.

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