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Monday, January 29, 2007

It was Missions Emphasis Weekend in Church

Since it was a Missions Emphasis weekend in church,
we dressed Nathanael in an Indian costume.
You can see from the Top Pictures, we had many countries represented in Church and we also had a lot of awareness of reaching our and praying for other nations.

Nathanael and Vanessa checking each other out!
Hmm .. i like your blouse ...
Hmm ... i like your vest .... :)

When Nathanael arrived at church. Mebbe he was very surprised.
But his mouth was agape for the longest time.
Mebbe he was hungry ler?

Mommie and Nathanael having a tete-en-tete
Nathanael really responds well to Mommie.
And certain loving sounds that Mommie makes really makes
Nathanael laugh and laugh and laugh.
Ask Tiff to show you the next time !! :)

1 comment:

nicktay said...

hehehe...I love the costume :)

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