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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Nathanael is Seizure Free

Awesome News! Praise GOD !!!

We were so glad today when we got the news from HUKM, after intepreting the EEG report, they declared that Nathanael is Seizure FREE!! Praise GOD!! Thank You JESUS!!

For those of you who are reading this for the first time, you will need to read about his Medical Condition first and view all his seizures that he used to have on his Fits Diary; to understand the JOY of receiving that news from the doctors.

We started Nathanael on the Ketogenic Diet in September 2006 and poor Nathanael had to spent his Second Birthday in hospital undergoing treatment and change of diet. But thankfully the Ketogenic Diet worked, and he is now well.

The Doctors said that we can now start weaning Nathanael off his anti epileptic drugs that he's on. Nathanael is currently on TWO AED.

In November 2006, we did an EEG Report at the hospital, and that was 1 1/2
months after starting the Ketogenic Diet. The doctor recently intepreted the
report for us and informed us that there was such an improvement, but they still
saw Seizure activity when Nathanael was sleeping.

Download the Nov 2006 EEG Report here

And in December 2006, we went to another hospital and did another EEG Report. And we just received the report today stating that Nathanael is Seizure Free!! That he is normal both asleep and awake!! Prasie GOD!!!!

Download the Dec 2006 EEG Report here

Thank you so much for praying for Nathanael, and we know that your Prayers have worked! Thank you for showering your love, hope, support and continuous words of encouragement.

We continue to ask you to keep praying for Nathanael, now we need to pray and ask GOD to work on his overall development skills. We are so thankful that he has made one big step in being able to SIT on his own and join us to pray as we help him in his therapy sessions to be able to Stand, Walk and Jump!!

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Ps Linda Khoo said...


Jeff Phoon said...

What a Breakthrough!

Cason Cheong said...

yay awesome

Yevette Ho said...

he's one good looking boy

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord. Thanks for sharing. From: TeeBK & family

Yi-Mi said...

Praise GOD!

Bernard Yong said...

Wow, tats great news!

So no need for the ketogenic diet anymore? :)

Thomas Choo said...

PTL. Good News Indeed!!!

Terence & B Yoong said...

We rejoice over the good news of Nathanael. God is good!

We are believing for greater miracles ahead. Our prayers are always with you, Tiff and Nathanael.

Thanks for keeping us updated. God bless.

angelineweess said...

So great to hear the news!! Praise and glory goes to God above.Thank you lord for healing this little handsome boy!!Hallelujah!! What an awesome God we serve!!

Daniel Liew said...

I'm so blessed by this testimony! Praise God! Kiss Nate Nate for me will you!!

Grace Wah said...

I tumpang happy for you and Tiff and all at home. Praise God for His everlasting love & faithfulness!


Daniel Loke said...

Praise God to hear the great news

Ps Koon Seng said...

We thank the Lord for His healing touch. God answers the desperate prayers and faith of His people.

Now we can continue to pray for new memory, speech and locomotive skills to be fully restored..

Take Psalm 107, 19--20 in faith and patience.

Ps. Koon Seng.

delia & lea nunis said...

This is great news. Praise the Lord and well done Daren, Tiff and Nate.

inokku said...

awesome man !! PTL !!
believing for more to come ! ^^

Ivan Chan said...

This is wonderful news. Praise the Lord !!!

Mas said...

Praise the LORD and Nathanael's recovery indeed is a blessing and a MIRACLE!!

I'm happy for you and what great news to start our day!!

Irene said...

Congrats! Very very happy to hear this news.
This is one of the best new this New Year!

Kelly said...

This is a very good new and I'm so happy for Nathanael. He is such a brave boy to go through all these experience at his young age. Congratulation!

Justin, Carol and Jamie said...

Fantastic! Happy for you! God is good!

Angela Ng said...

Wow, this is really breaking news !!! I am so happy for your family ... yeessss.... Praise the Lord and never forget what he does for us!

Darren Young said...

this is great news...you are truly a testament of god's great work..you and your family...and the tremendous faith all of you have in Him.

Rachel said...

This is great news and I'm so happy for you and Tiffany. Yes, Thank You Jesus for answering your prayers!

You and Tiffany have great determination for your child and is much to be commendable and you're a great
and loving parent to Nathanael.

May GOD bless you all!
With best regards

Ian Chew said...

Praise God!

yiks said...

that is such great and fantastic news! wow! praise God!
i'm so happy for the handsome boy!!! he really is sooooo handsome!
continuing to keep him and you guys in prayer.


ps: you know what? nate is soooo blessed to have you as his parents...your love and faith and confidence in the Lord is amazing and inspiring!

Doh Kit said...

Praise God! Will continue to pray for his development.

mommy of two angels said...

so happy to hear that!! and share your joy...also congrats on your new baby...

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