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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Nathanael's Physio at HUKM

Just last Thursday Nathanael went for his weekly physio therapy at HUKM. He was put on two new exercise and therapy "equipments" to help in his balance.

DSC02692 DSC02691

Nathanael started off with the Walker to help him

to put strength in his legs so that he can learn to walk!

We're really glad that HUKM has great equipments and it

can be adjusted to fit different heights easily.

DSC02698 DSC02697

Next, Nathanael was put onto the Swinging Equipment.

You know how each time you sit on a swing, you need to balance yourself to

keep above the swing! :) Yeah ... so that's what Nathanael was taught to do.

We are glad to see him gripping the rope so tightly, cos it shows that he

knows that in order to balance he needs to hold on to something stable. :)

DSC02704 DSC02702

Haha ... see Cute Nathanael. He tries to give you the "frown" look.

He's been doing that a lot lately! :)

This is a Rope Bridge, and we can see its shaky and totally unlevel.

We're glad to see him learning to balance himself on it!!

If you watch the Video below you will see Zoe Joy on the other end

of the Bridge swinging it! :) hehe .. talk about naughty sister.

Watch the Video of Nathanel in HUKM

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