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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Nathanael on the Swing

Nathanael is slowly getting better, thank you for your prayers. His appetite for food is still not good, as in he doesn't want to eat his bread and rice, so he's still on his RCF milk, which the doctor have asked us to increase the dosage twice to ensure that there's enough nutrients getting into Nathanael.

On the fourth day of his Stomach Flu, he recovered somewhat a bit, and we brought him down to our Condo's playground ... so that he could get some fresh air and also some simulation with the playground equipment.

Pity that it rain in the early morning, so the only thing i could dry was the swing ..... and here is Nathanael on the SWING. :)


Nathanael on the Swing.

As u can see he's not totally well .. and he's not really smiling!

IMG_3488 IMG_3515

See his sad face .... don't put me on the swing!!

And u can see both his hands gripping tightly to the Yellow Chain.


We have a nice playground at our Condo ... :)

Check out the Video of Nathanael on the Swing

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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Wishing You A Merry Christmas with our Family Dance

Dear family and friends

We would like to thank you for your constant prayers for Nathanael, and we want to Thank God for the great improvements that we have seen in his development. Continue to keep him and the family in your prayers!

We would like to take this opportunity to wish you a very Happy, Merry & Blessed Christmas! May it be filled with Joy and Memories that will last a lifetime. And may the coming New Year be a great one for you and that all your wishes and desires be met!!

We're so happy to celebrate Christmas that our entire family would like to Dance for you! Yes you heard it right, we will dance before your eyes. Watch the Video below, and if you want a higher resolution, click here

Do u like our Dance? Let us know!!

If u like the Video .. Download it BIG(13MB) / SMALL(7MB)

**We wanna thank Anne who showed us this cute dance first ... otherwise we would not be able to Dance for u!! Tks Anne, Eliz, Aaron & Bryan! :)

Source : ElfYourself.com - This elfin' greeting brought to you by OfficeMax®.

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Monday, December 17, 2007

Nathanael's having Stomach Flu


Nathanael at Damansara Specialist to see Dr Vasantha this morning.

He wasn't his usual cheerie self, but was whining all the time.

When we saw Dr Vasantha and infomed her of Nathanael's symptoms,

vomiting and no appetite to eat, she told us that this morning alone she

already saw 4 children with the same symptoms.

She said keep the kids out of Crowded area, cos the virus can be passed thru air.


So Dr Vasantha prescribed three medications for Nathanael.

Of the three, two are suppository (where it has to be inserted from the behind)

AND of course Dr Vasantha is also aware of Nathanael's Ketogenic Diet, so no medicine with syrup base or sugar content.

We were given Maxolon, which was suppose to stop the vomiting, Voltran which we normally use for fever, but Dr Vasantha said it will also help for his stomach spasms. And finally Zirtomax which is an anti biotic for Nathanael.

Nathanael still vomited another 3 more times after eating the medication in the afternoon and we are really glad to see towards the evening, when he started to act normally again, playful and grinning away, and laughing when we played with him


Even Zoe Joy was totally understanding of koko's sickness. In fact Zoe Joy is still suffering the end tail of the Stomach Flu as she still have diarrohea. But she's doing ok!

Continue to pray that Nathanael will be better tomorrow and that all food and milk intake will remain "in" and not be thrown out.

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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Mommie & Nathanel are not well ... pls PRAY

It all started with Zoe Joy yesterday. We dont know why but she vomited twice yesterday. And her bowels also let go ONE big time yesterday. Poor girl!! But she's much better today. :)

Then this evening, Nathanael just vomited four times within an hour. Since he's on the Ketogenic Diet and has water rationing, we stopped the water rationing, and we also stopped his routine meal intake.

Poor boy, after all the vomitting, he must be really tired, cos when we made him to lie down with mommie, he just doze of and slept! (Not normal and its not even 10pm yet!)

Then on top of that Mommie also vomited twice this evening. She started feeling unwell in the later afternoon, early evening. But mommie can drink 100 Plus (we hear that after throwing up .. drinking 100Plus replenishes your minerals inside.. so we always keep 100Plus in the fridge!)

So yeah .. the family is kinda not toooo well this weekend. Please pray for them ya!! Pray that daddie remains STRONG to take care of everyone!! :) hehe

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Nathanael's Physio at HUKM

Just last Thursday Nathanael went for his weekly physio therapy at HUKM. He was put on two new exercise and therapy "equipments" to help in his balance.

DSC02692 DSC02691

Nathanael started off with the Walker to help him

to put strength in his legs so that he can learn to walk!

We're really glad that HUKM has great equipments and it

can be adjusted to fit different heights easily.

DSC02698 DSC02697

Next, Nathanael was put onto the Swinging Equipment.

You know how each time you sit on a swing, you need to balance yourself to

keep above the swing! :) Yeah ... so that's what Nathanael was taught to do.

We are glad to see him gripping the rope so tightly, cos it shows that he

knows that in order to balance he needs to hold on to something stable. :)

DSC02704 DSC02702

Haha ... see Cute Nathanael. He tries to give you the "frown" look.

He's been doing that a lot lately! :)

This is a Rope Bridge, and we can see its shaky and totally unlevel.

We're glad to see him learning to balance himself on it!!

If you watch the Video below you will see Zoe Joy on the other end

of the Bridge swinging it! :) hehe .. talk about naughty sister.

Watch the Video of Nathanel in HUKM

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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Zoe Joy's first Climb (up steps)

This is a new milestone for Zoe Joy. Tiff managed to video her climbing up her first stairs!!

Tiff basically help show her how to put her hand up one stairs and then she picked it up automatically and began using her hands and legs in a climbing motion and cilmbed up the Stairs!!

Check her out in the Video below .. cos she moves real FAST!!

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Monday, December 10, 2007

Nathanael Playing the Keyboard!

See how happy Nathanael is, when he gets the opportunity to play with the Keyboard. We also recently realized that we need to get him some sort of a banging instrument.... yeah something like a drum .. but where u can beat with your hands .. Bongo ... or one of those things.


Play it like Beethoven !! :)


As you can see even when Nathanael's playing

with something that he likes, we make it as a form of a therapy

And by kneeling, he strengthen his legs and hips muscle.

Watch the Video where Nathanael plays the Keyboard

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Zoe Joy visit Baby Naiomi Chee

Zoe Joy got a chance to visit baby Naiomi Chee a week ago. Naiomi is absoultey adorable .. with lots of hair :) Congratulations to Kelvin & Luisa Chee for a healthy baby girl.


Cher Cher Zoe trying to look at Baby Naiomi


In fact, Zoe was so inquisitive that she woke

baby Naiomi up from her slumber! :)


There u go .. mummy Luisa and her mom (aunty yeng) and mom in law (aunty alice)

and we're there to celebrate with them ! :)

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Zoe Joy's First Taste of Lemon

Check out how cute Zoe Joy's face is when she tasted her first lemon!! :)


Ewwwwwww ..... so sour wan!!! :)


The most interesting part of it, is that Zoe Joy

loves the taste of the Lemon .. and here she goes again

for a second attempt!


Ewwwww ... my taste buds are numb!!

That's really sour!!

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My Therapy is to Stand Up Straight!!

When i go weekly to HUKM, one of my weekly exercises is to work on my "standing".

Check it out


See I am holding myself and supporting myself as i Stand up in HUKM.
In HUKM the therapy centre has cool equipments that can adjust to my height. :)


How's this for a Side Profile Shot? I think the bar is a bit way toooo high!! :)


I am gonna walk and run soon!!! YAY!! By the Grace of God I'll be able to accomplish it!

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Aren't We Both Just Adorable?


Wave Hi!!! How's everyone doing?

We're doing great ... waiting to have our makan!!


When we're happy and we know it ...

We Clap our Hands !! CLAP CLAP!!


Yo bro!! Let's pose in front of the camera!

Adorable or not?

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I Can Reach the Bed now ...

Baby Zoe is growing up and growing tall really fast. She's learning to stand up longer and loves to stand.

Here is a couple of pictures where she pulled herself to stand up by our bed.


See ... i am pulling myself up

And i can reach the top part of daddie & mommie's bed


Hmm ... let me see if i can pull myself up and over the mattress

Heave Ho .......


Hmmmmph!! Guess I can't yet.

Can't seem to get my legs over the bed!!

Why is the bed so HIGH?


See even if i stand straight up

I can't peer onto the top of the bed!!

I need to grow taller!!!!

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