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Friday, April 20, 2007

2 Milestones In One Day! Nathanael Feeding himself

We are really thankful to see such great progress each day in Nathanael's life. Yesterday we were blest by God to see two new milestones achieved by Nathanael.

First of all, he was standing unaided and then when he had dinner later that day, he learnt to feed himself! That is absolutely Amazing!

We were sharing with you earlier this week that Nathanael was learning to hold on to his spoon. And we were extremely delighted yesterday when he took the food on the spoon, and fed himself! We were like ... WOW!

Praise God for helping him to understand and connecting the movement from holding a spoon to putting the food in his mouth!

Tiff managed to catch the last few spoons on Video. Watch the video below or click here.

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