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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Nathanael's Milestone - Holding His Spoon

This is another milestone for Nathanael.
We have been teaching Nathanael during his feeding time to learn to use the spoon [which seems to be the best opportunity for Nathanael to learn . .cos he's one hungry little boy!! :) ]

In the photos below you would see Nathanael learning to hold on to this Spoon, we are really glad that he can grip his spoon so tightly. Cos this will help with the overall integration of coordinating the movement of food on the spoon, to spoon in the mouth! :)

Formula : Spoon with Food in Hand + Spoon in Mouth = One Full Stomach! :)

This is Priceless!
And yes, we are throwing this in as a special! :)
Nathanael and Zoe Joy holding hands.
Err .. actually its more of Zoe Joy holding Nathanael's hands! :)

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