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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

My Dress Cantik tak?

Zoe Joy list of gifts has been exhaustive. Mommie is actually

absolutely fantastic at remembering ... oh this dress was given

by this person .. or that cap was given by that person ... or this

socks was given by this other person.

Daddie ... well ... errr ..... just takes the pictures and posts it all on the

Blog and says ... THANK U SO MUCH FOR ALL YOUR GIFTS!! :)

Yeah lor .. so from dresses, to tops and (do you call bottoms, bottoms?)

or mebbe we just call them trousers for now. And cute little wordings

like, "Its not easy being Cute, Small & Cuddly"

And there's of course Gift Packs with 20 things all packed into one box,

like a little Travel Kit where u won't run out of Towels, Baby Lotions,

Nappies, and some other baby gizmos!!

Of course there's also the beeeeautiful dresses that Zoe Joy receives.

U know what? I think we should put down "Wardrobe" on the Gift List.

Cos now that we have so many clothes & accessories ... we dunno where to

store them! :)

p/s I have a feeling that Daddie will have to revisit this Post and put names of everyone

who have contributed so lovingly to Zoe Joy. Really thank you! And Really ... mommie

know WHO u are! :) Daddie's a bit zoned out! :)

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