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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Our Bangkok Holiday

First and foremost ... our deepest apologies for those of you who visit our Blog for the last month! We've been extremely busy with managing both Nathanael and Zoe Joy (but a JOY nevertheless), and busy migrating one of our blogs to its own domain (painful and tiring!) and of course trying to sell our Condo and prepare to move to our New One.

Well apart from the normal hectics of our daily chores and work, we are still managing pretty well! Thank U Lord for your grace. ... its the Amazing Grace! :)

Anyway... we booked our tickets way back in January (even before Zoe Joy) was born, and we thought it would be a pretty good idea! Guess what ? It turned out to be a GREAT IDEA!

We had an absolutely, fantastic, relaxing and fun time together in Bangkok for Four Days. Before going further, we have to say a BIG Thank you to Tiff's parents (Kung Kung & Po Po) who helped looked after Nathanael & Zoe Joy for that four days and also my parents (Yeh Yeh & Mah Mah) for helping to bring Nathanael for his Therapy session.

This would be a RATHER Long post .. with lots and lots of pics. (Cos we just don't have the time to break it up by Days or by any other Categories, though we would have love to!) SO let the post load .... and slowly read on.

What do you think of, when u say Bangkok? Shopping? Tom Yam? Thaksin? (Go get your brains re-wired!)

Tiff and I had a wonderful time together in Bangkok. It was Tiff's first time away from Nathanael. Yups ...faithful and darling mother has been by Nathanael's side every since he was diagnosed with Infantile Spasm.

and this is our 4-Days story in Bangkok City!!
Our 500Baht Taxi Ride from Bangkok's New Airport to our Hotel
We stayed at the Baiyoke Sky Hotel
Its a 4-Star Hotel about 10 mins taxi ride from Siam Paragon
Its known as the TALLEST BUILDING in Bangkok with a Revolving Deck above!
This was our room! And Yes we stayed on the 40th Floor!
On a whole. The hotel is sigh ... not quite 4-Star!
But then again you're asking a hotelier to give his opinon!
The service was bad, the air in the corridor was stale, the place looked
rather dingy, and overall unimpressive. (will tell you about the food later)
Thankfully the Room was rather Large (at least 45sqm) and it was clean!
One RATHER interesting fact to point out. For any of you
future Baiyoke Hotel Guests .... don't put anyting into the SAFE!!
WHY? Because Tiffany can carry your safe and all your valuables away!
Yups ... they provide you a Hotel Safe in your room. Guess what?
They forgot to mount it to the floor / wall!! Sigh!
Guess what's the name of the Safe? Click here
(hehe .. its called THE SAFE!! Sigh!)
Imagine .. how SAFE would u feel ... if u find a "TORCH LIGHT"
in your elevator!! I mean ... why would you want to have a TORCH LIGHT
in the Elevator? Does it mean that the Elevator may have no Power????

Scarry thing to put into the Elevator! :)
On our FIRST Day when we arrived in Bangkok, this was
the wonderful raining weather that greeted us!
So wondering what to do ... and we didn't have lunch!
We thought... let's try the Baiyoke Sky Buffet .. since they were
having a 50% Discount for Hotel Guests.
OFF we went and bought our Meal Ticket (access entry point) to go up
to the 78th Floor of the Hotel to dine at their SKY BUFFET.
There was VARIETY ..... and a Pretty Long Buffet Spread from one
point of the Building and it goes around to the other side.
BUT sad to say!!! The Food Connoiseur within me would grade Sky Buffet a D!!
Yes yes.... it was a photo and Smiley Faces and Empty Dishes .. because we were famished.
BUT taste-wise ... it was not really palatable. SIGH!! So much for a 50% Discount.
OR mebbe that's why they wer giving a 50% Discount!! :) hehe
Guess the only PLUS about Sky Buffet was the View and the FREE ACCESS
that brings you up to the Deck. As u can see .. we ate till the Rain Stopped!
(And that's because it doesn't rain that long in Bangkok!!)
We caught this hotel worker in the act.
She took her BIG HUGE Water Container and filled it up with COKE!!
hahaha ... FREE Drinks on the House! :)
So after the LUNCHies at Sky Buffet, we took the elevator up further to the
360 Revolving Roof Deck.
(Guess what? It was not revolving, they shut it down for maintenance!)
We walked around and even sat in a TUT TUT on the 80th Floor of the Building
Thank GOD ...the Sky was clear and the rain was gone!!

COS now its time for us to go SHOPPPPPPPPINGGGGG !!!

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