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Monday, October 09, 2006

Nathanael can now sit on his own

We are seeing amazing development in Nathanael. Over the weekend Nathanael sat on his own, in a baby chair, a feat that he could not do weeks or months before. We thank God that his muscle tone on his upper torso has strengthened and that he can sit on his own in his own chair. :)

Praise GOD!

Hey there... can you bring the Dim Sum over to this table.

Hehehehehe ... Nathanael giggles a lot nowadays. In fact his giggles and laughter has changed a lot. We're so glad that he's such a happy and joyful boy. He was smiling and laughing when we caught him in this picture.

Hehee .. here's another shot of him smiling away.

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1 comment:

charlotte said...

i like his cap!
it looks really nice on him ;)

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