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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Zoe Joy's Second Birthday Partee in the Month!

We think our dear little 1 1/2 months old daughter is pretty happening.

This is her second Birthday Partee within the month! :)

We celebrated May Vern's 21st at Mum's Place. We didnt know that there was a huge floor upstairs which was set aside for the partee!

We didnt manage to take a lot of the photos, but we'll link them once May Vern gets them up online.

Mav Vern and Zoe Joy

Kae Mern (MV's bro) who wrote a song with a fren

and dedicated it to her sister on her 21st Birthday.

Now that gotta make u cry!!

May Vern beaming with joy during the song.

Yups.. as mentioned we didnt get to take many shots. More photos soon, once we link them to May Vern's site!! :)

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Zoe Joy and her Mobile

Ahh .. u thot it was Mobile Phone rite?

Heheh .. did u know the little twirly things on top of your baby cot that goes round and round and sorta makes u giddy when u keep staring at it, is called a Mobile? Hmmm i wonder why?

Read my self-made poem below ... :)

We are glad to see that Zoe Joy's focus and attention is really sharp. She's just
under two months old and she's focusing on key objects placed above her. Praise God!

[There is this conspiracy theory going round that girls actually pick up things, learn, develop
faster than boys. Then again i could have heard it wrong! :)]

Mobile Poem
Round and round they go
Bright little toys in circle they flow

Why? The music I wonder
Its the same tuneless tune I don't admire

Daddie, mommie keep winding it up
I just hope one day it will shut up

These colored toys circling round me
Like lost lambs without their Mary

by daddie lee

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Zoe Joy is Cute even when Sleeping

Incredible! How can one look so cute, even when sleeping. But with the help of Daniel Liew and his wonderful photography close ups ... check how cute Zoe Joy is when she's sleeping. :)

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Saturday, April 21, 2007

We wanna sell our Sunway Sutera Condo

Dear frens

If you know of any family or friends who is looking for a Condo in Petaling Jaya … do let us know. :)

Our first home. We’ve been owners and residents of the Sunway Sutera Condo since moving in April 2002. We would now like to sell our lovely Condo to anyone wishing to set up residence in the Sunway Damansara, Petaling Jaya neighbourhood.

Selling Sunway Sutera Condo

Click here for more info of our Condo

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Friday, April 20, 2007

2 Milestones In One Day! Nathanael Feeding himself

We are really thankful to see such great progress each day in Nathanael's life. Yesterday we were blest by God to see two new milestones achieved by Nathanael.

First of all, he was standing unaided and then when he had dinner later that day, he learnt to feed himself! That is absolutely Amazing!

We were sharing with you earlier this week that Nathanael was learning to hold on to his spoon. And we were extremely delighted yesterday when he took the food on the spoon, and fed himself! We were like ... WOW!

Praise God for helping him to understand and connecting the movement from holding a spoon to putting the food in his mouth!

Tiff managed to catch the last few spoons on Video. Watch the video below or click here.

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Uncle Stephen & Aunty Betty's Visit from Hawaii

YAY!!! Uncle Stephen & Aunty Betty visited from Hawaii!!

They came over to visit Nathanael and Zoe Joy yesterday. Unfortunately Nathanael was tired out after his therapy sessions at HUKM and was resting.

Here's a photo of Uncle Stephen, Aunty Betty and Zoe Joy

Aunty Betty smiling and talking to Zoe Joy

Thank you Unlce Stephen and Aunty Betty for your toy to learn and play! :) yaya!

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Nathanael Standing Unaided - Another Milestone

Amazing! God is Amazing! What God is doing in Nathanael is Amazing!

We just wanna Bless God for another milestone achieved by Nathanael in his daliy progress.

Nathanael was in HUKM for Physio Therpay yesterday.

He was put to Stand in front a wooden frame, and you can see from the photos below that he was holding on to it, as he stood. This is a really good sign, as it shows how Nathanael is learning to stand on his own, and to support his own self.

Nathanael holding on to the Wooden Frame to support himself.

Here's a Video put together showing how Nathanael stood during his Physio Therapy.

Watch the Video below, or click Here

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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Nathanael's Milestone - Holding His Spoon

This is another milestone for Nathanael.
We have been teaching Nathanael during his feeding time to learn to use the spoon [which seems to be the best opportunity for Nathanael to learn . .cos he's one hungry little boy!! :) ]

In the photos below you would see Nathanael learning to hold on to this Spoon, we are really glad that he can grip his spoon so tightly. Cos this will help with the overall integration of coordinating the movement of food on the spoon, to spoon in the mouth! :)

Formula : Spoon with Food in Hand + Spoon in Mouth = One Full Stomach! :)

This is Priceless!
And yes, we are throwing this in as a special! :)
Nathanael and Zoe Joy holding hands.
Err .. actually its more of Zoe Joy holding Nathanael's hands! :)

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Monday, April 16, 2007

Zoe Joy's Passport Photo - SO CUTE!!

Ain't Zoe Joy simply adorable?
I mean, yes we are her parents. . but she's just so so so SWEEET!!
Everyday .. sweeter than the day Before! :)
(whoops borrowed from Israel Houghton's song)
YES!! YES!! many of you have given feedback that
Zoe Joy has changed a lot in the recent days/week.
She seems to be adjusting well to the Enfalac A+ milk that she gets
And yes .. she's is gaining weight. But ain't she simply Adorable!! :)

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Nathanael's 200th Day on Ketogenic Diet

Amazing ... 200 days have come and gone and Nathanael is doing well on his Ketogenic Diet. In fact Nathanael looks forward to his meal periods and thru his Meal periods he actually is motivated to "work" to get his food.

Initially (September 2006) when we started on the Ketogenic Diet we were apprehensive. Afterall we have tried so many things. So so so so many things to try and help control the seizures in Nathanael.

Not knowing that as we were reaching the end of our rope of Options in dealing with Nathanael's seizures, the Ketogenic Diet worked! Nathanael is Seizure Free !!!

We must add, that after reading tons of information, books, documentation of the Ketogenic Diet, that there was only a 20% working chance that the Diet would work on a child. Given the odds, we feel that it not by chance, nor by probability, but it is indeed a Mircale of God in Nathanael's life!

Since the stop of Nathanel's seizures in October, we have seen him achieve his Milestones, as he development progresses ahead each day.

We are BLEST by God because :

  • Nathanael seizures has stopped
  • Nathanael doesn't mind the food. (He's eating nearly the same cycle of Food and RCF Milk for the last 200 days), and he looks forward to his meal periods :)
  • Nathanael is responding positively to his therapies and showing improvements every day
  • Nathanael has stopped one of his Anti-Epileptic Drug (AED) - Frisium (Clobazam)

Thank you for your Prayers, Support and Love towards Nathanael and our Family. We thank you for being Strong with us as we go thru this absolutely amazing chapter of our lives. God is indeed our Strength and our Hope and our Portion! :)

We wanna BOAST of what God has done in Nathanael's life. We wanna Shout God's Fame that in this 200 Days God has been Faithful each day of Nathanael's life!

Thank You JESUS ... NO MORE Frisium!!!!

ONLY GOD can do this in Nathanael's Life ......

My God Is So Big

So Strong And So Mighty

There's Nothing My God Cannot Do

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My Dress Cantik tak?

Zoe Joy list of gifts has been exhaustive. Mommie is actually

absolutely fantastic at remembering ... oh this dress was given

by this person .. or that cap was given by that person ... or this

socks was given by this other person.

Daddie ... well ... errr ..... just takes the pictures and posts it all on the

Blog and says ... THANK U SO MUCH FOR ALL YOUR GIFTS!! :)

Yeah lor .. so from dresses, to tops and (do you call bottoms, bottoms?)

or mebbe we just call them trousers for now. And cute little wordings

like, "Its not easy being Cute, Small & Cuddly"

And there's of course Gift Packs with 20 things all packed into one box,

like a little Travel Kit where u won't run out of Towels, Baby Lotions,

Nappies, and some other baby gizmos!!

Of course there's also the beeeeautiful dresses that Zoe Joy receives.

U know what? I think we should put down "Wardrobe" on the Gift List.

Cos now that we have so many clothes & accessories ... we dunno where to

store them! :)

p/s I have a feeling that Daddie will have to revisit this Post and put names of everyone

who have contributed so lovingly to Zoe Joy. Really thank you! And Really ... mommie

know WHO u are! :) Daddie's a bit zoned out! :)

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We think she will be T-A-L-L

Just see how Zoe Joy stretches on the Bed.

She's less than 6 weeks old, and

we really think she's gonna grow up be one tall girl! :)

What u think?

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Monday, April 09, 2007

Zoe Joy's Attended Her First Birthday Partee!!

Zoe Joy attended her first Birthday Partee last Sunday.

We were all at Joann's 21st Birthday Celebration it was super fun!

Birthday Girl ... or shall we say Our Joann Koo has grown to a beautiful 21 Years Old WOMAN!
Hugging and kissing Zoe Joy! :)

Another Picture of Joann and Zoe Joy

Joann's mum .. Jan Koo with Zoe Joy. It was a very "So Loves" Day for Zoe Joy
cos everyone was taking turn in carrying and embracing Zoe Joy. :)

Our dear Wesley Pu also got his chance to carry and Zoe Joy.
And of course his fav thing with all girls at his age ... Wesley kisses them!
We were telling Wesley .. the kissing (of girls your own age) should stop when you reach
twelve of thirteen ya.. ?

Mommie Pu, Baby Pu .. and Zoe Joy
- yeah .. we were looking for Winnie the Pooh!
[Karen, Wesley & Zoe Joy]

Caitlin shows her affection to Zoe Joy with Mommie Chan.
See how she embraces Zoe Joy and then looks into Karen's
eyes .. can i have one more please .. one more baby to play with? :)

Tiff and Caitlin ...
Caitlin showing off her famous "I Can Pout" lips!! :)

Danny was playing with Nathanael during the yummy session.
We love the first shot, so nice both of them staring into the Camera!

Uncle Jon was playing a lot with Zoe Joy too. And helped
take care of her when she was in the carrier.
Wesley came by too, to play with Zoe Joy.

As we said it was a day of "Much Loves" for Zoe Joy! :)

Click here to Visit Joann's Blog for more photos!!
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