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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Nathanael Cycling at Therapy Session Today

Nathanael learns to Cycle at
HUKM Physio Therapy

Since Mommie is still in confinement--Popo & Emily Piu Yee brought Nathanael for
Physio and Occupational
Therapy at HUKM today.
One of the first exercises that they put Nathanael on
was to Stand Up whilst wearing his splints.
He's been improving week after week and the Therapists
have been commenting on that.

Today they tried something new for Nathanael.
They put him on a Gym-Cycle

To encourage his legs to move in a circular fashion,
and to teach him the motion of cycling.
Pushing his legs to press on the pedals.

You can see many many hands helping Nathanael
where they position him to sit and to get his legs
moving in the Cycling Fashion.

The therapist mentioned that
Nathanael's Left Leg is good, as it goes
around in the Cycling motion.

But his Right Leg (which is the stronger one) is a bit stiff.

So we need to pray and continue to work on his Right Leg.

Can't wait to get him is own Bicycle :)

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