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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Nathanael says .. Look Mom .. No Hands :)

Yet Another Milestone

We Thank GOD for Nathanael's imrpovement which we see week on week.
Last Thursday when Nathanael was at HUKM for his Physio Therapy,
His therapist (Yoke Fong) mentioned that Nathanael's Standing has improved.
Yoke Fong said that Nathanael is willing to bear weight on his knees,
and therefore do not need to use the gators (which we recently bought)
And when Nathanael stood ....
Look Mom ... No Hands!!!
No one needs to hold me :)

One of Nathanael's new exercise that we need to work on is
to STAND UP from a Sitting Position.
This was the exercise, Nathanael has to stretch out his hands (tough)
and hold on to the bar, and then we will have to hold on to his
hips and lift him up to a Standing Position.
By doing this daily, this will help improve Nathanael's ability to
use his Hip Muscles to help him STAND.

Nathanael is in Snozelen with all the Fibre Optics on him.
His Occupational Therapist was trying to get Nathanael
to respond to the lights (which he loves) by reaching out with
his hands to remove the fibre obptics.

[The room is pitch dark with exception to the Fibre Optics]
That is why the photo is so so dark :)

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