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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Nathanael's Toy - Elmo TMX & Winnie the Pooh

Nathanael's Toys

Nathanael is really BLESSED :)

We just want to highlight on these two toys which are a partial therapy to Nathanael.

Ps Julie Khoo gave Nathanel a Winnie the Pooh for his Christmas Present. Its an amazing Winnie The Pooh, cos he sits on top of a turtle and moves. The toy comes with a rattle. And when the rattle shakes, it activates Winnie The Pooh to move. And of course just as every Disney Toy, Winnie the Pooh comes with a cute song as well.

See how stimulated Nathanael is with this Winnie the Pooh toy.

Watch Winnie the Pooh and Nathanael below or Click Here

We recently bought him the Coolest Toy Ever ... the Elmo TMX , its really cute and funny. It was rather expensive, but we felt it would be a good therapy for Nathanael cos Elmo TMX will just laugh and move on his own from standing, to kneeling, to going on the back and on the side .. and up again! :)

We felt that it would be a great therapy for Nathanael, cos he would be attracted to the Sound (Laugh) and also the Movement of Elmo.

See how intrigued Nathanael is with Elmo TMX below . . .

Watch the Video below or click here

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Jessica said...

Ahhh!!! Nate has the same toy as me now.. haha! =) I love Tickle-Me-Elmo and picked it as my Christmas present from James.. hehe! It's so cute, esp when it says "Give Elmo a break please!".

Also, I wanna take this opportunity to wish you both Congratulations on the birth of Zoe Joy! She's so adorable and such a darling. I'm sure she'll grow up to be as pretty as her mummy! =)

charlotte said...

i like the winnie the pooh.....! :P

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