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Monday, May 14, 2007

Dress + Hair Band = One Really Cute Baby

Dress + Hair Band = One Really Cute Baby
We kid you not! Check out how Cute Zoe Joy
is when she was dressed up twice with a Hair Band.
And in one of the two times, she was in a dress.
Comelnya! :)
Aunty Emily with Zoe Joy .. :)
Don't I absolutely look fabulous in this Hair Band?
Or is that Flower Piece taking all that attention from me ...
perhaps a little overdoing it .. :)
Let me show you my Side Profile Look!
Cute ler ..... ?
This time ... check out my dress
Do i win the Cutest Baby of them all ?
Zoe Joy thinking aloud 15 years later . . .
[ Zoe Joy ] Why lah my parents dress me up like this and then
go and POST it on the Internet for the whole world to see!!
[ DT ] Too bad we're your parents we can dress you
up anyhow we like!!! Esp when it makes u so cute! :)

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