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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Uncle Remin & Aunty Joy Visit

Uncle Remin and Aunty Joy visited us
from Singapore
Reported by Zoe Joy
Like all other Malaysians we brought our uncle and aunty
out to MAKAN.
As you can see Uncle Remin is carrying me
I am exuberating Joy and Uncle Remin is very happy :)
This is Double Joy ... cos its Aunty Joy & Me.
Since we are always Joyful ... we thought we would act the opposite here! :)
Uncle Remin & Ko Ko Ben
Yes Ko Ko Ben's eyes are always so Big :)
Yay.... we had Ice Cream.
Or ... Boo Hoo .. they had Baskin Robins!!
I just drank milk!
Ko Ko Nathanel went to sleep with Kung Kung
Whilst I was relaxing with Po Po.
Uncle Remin is Tennis Coach
So he was giving some tips to Ko Ko Ben
Daddie, Mommie and Ko Ko Nathanael watching the
Tennis Actions taking place.

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