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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Nathanael's Music Therapy at Anne MusikSchule

We had a fun time tonite at our Trial Session at Anne MusikSchule as part of Nathanael' music therapy.

What is Anne MusikSchule, you may ask?

Yes the origin is German, as u can guess from the spelling.

WELL, Anne MusikSchule is famous for their KinderMusik programme which is a music and movement programme for children.

Here's a brief description : Kindermusik® is an early childhood music and movement programbased on the belief that every child is musical.Music nurtures a child's cognitive, emotional, social,language and physical development.

Introduce your child to the joy, wonder, and adventure of music. From birththrough seven years of age, your child can grow with Kindermusik®without pressure to perform. Your child will be encouragedto explore, express and discover the joy of music.

You'll see a developmental evolution in language skills, literacy,listening, problem solving, social skills, self-esteem and musicality! U want more info? Click here [http://www.kindermusik.com/]

So Nathanael joined his first session with Teacher Jasmine today for his KinderMusik or also known as Music and Movement Class.

There were also 5 other kids ranging 2 to 4 years old.

As u can see everyone sits on the floor, and this is Nathanael with the piano in the background. Didn't manage to capture any more shots, cos it was all full of MUSIC and MOVEMENT.

Teacher Jasmine would either Play a Song on the CD or Sing a Song or Play a Song on the Piano. And its cleverly intertwined with dozens of movements from walking, waving hands, jumping, dancing, moving around the room, using at least more than 10 different musical instruments (that's what we saw tonite) and each session not lasting more than two minutes.

I think by changing the session each two minutes, the children don't get bored.

All in all, it was a good session for Nathanael as he learns to play in a group and move in a group. Everyone needs to function in a group to make the whole process complete.

If you need more info, you guys should give Anne MusikSchule a call for a Trial Lesson!

Anne MusikSchule's website is : http://www.annemusikschule.com.my/

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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Nathanael Standing with Back on Wall 2

This is definitely another milestone for Nathanael.
We are really glad to see that the strength at his knees are getting better.
He's standing easier with less help.
Nathanael standing up and he's gaining his balance
as he leans back on the wall (in this instance a door)
Nathanael's checking to see who is holding me.
Ummmm.. there's no one holding me.
Yay!! I am a standing up on my own!

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Nathanael & Zoe Joy's Holiday to Kuantan

This is Nathanael and Zoe Joy's recent holiday at Kuantan.
[Narrated by Nathanael & Zoe]
Zoe : This is my first trip ever!
Nathanael : Yeah ... and my first to Kuantan too.
Zoe : What are we gonna do there?
Nathanael : I dunno, I think dad & mom got us hooked up with some frens
Zoe : Who? Who? Who will be there?
Nathanael: Not telling ... wait and see ...
Nathanael & Zoe Joy stayed at the Swiss Garden Kuantan
Nathanael: Pretty Neat resort .. the pool was huge!
That's Mommie on the Left and daddie on the right
Scroll down to see whom we had so much fun with ....
Yups .. that's me with my baby sis .. Zoe Joy
We took over the daddie & mommie's bed. :) YA!
See ... daddie & mommie had to bring along a cooker
to prepare my Ketogenic Meals in the hotel room.
Yeah ... fire hazard ... but i gotta eat right?
That's me sayang-ing Izrael Leow.
He's such a strong baby boy. :)
And oh yes in the background are daddie and uncle Melvin.
Oooh .. and i got Aunty Audrey to carry me around.
We celebrated god-ma's birthday tooo in Kuantan.
That's Wesley and god-ma
..... and yes.. that's god-pa's hand .. he's a little shy ...
Mommie and me with cheh cheh Chloe and Kor Kor Caleb.
Did u realize that cheh chech Chloe's name sounds really like mine ... Zoe.
Ahhh .. Cheh Cheh Chole is pretty strong too.
She can push me around in my stroller. :)
Good nite peeps... i am going for a little punch out session
Gonna punch myself to sleep.... zzzzzz
Yaya .. as you can see i am very relaxed.
My legs are crossed, I am drinking my RCF milk
and my baby sis is next to me.
This is the LIFE!! :)
This is daddie with Izrael. He's so so cute.!
When i was all alone in my pram, cheh cheh Chloe came over and
sayang me. She so sweet lah cheh cheh Chloe.
Everyone is trying to pose with me...
Caleb, Chloe and Wesley ...
and lil' me in the middle. :)
Yes yes.... Cheh cheh Chloe is quite the model material.
She can pose and look really beautiful.
And kor kor Caleb is also very very cute when he poses! :)
Yes.. daddie's fav restaurant.
See i am posing with Chloe and Uncle Ronald!
Yes the whole gang ..... posing with Uncle Ronald.
Caleb, Chloe, Wesley and me ... :)
We all went swimming with daddie.
Its my first time swimming with koko and daddie.
Do you like my pink bikini?
Cute ler?
(err yes my first bikini)
and here's Close Up ... if u can't get enuf of me :) hehe
We were having fun in the pool.
Wesley, daddie, me, Uncle Melvin, Chloe
That's me with my god-pa and god-ma.
We were all swimming and playing water. : )
After my swimming, i had a gooooood bath in my
bath tub. Cute or not?
Zoe: If u snore some more .. i will punch u!
Nathanael: Its not me lah .. its daddie lah!!
Nathanael : If u accuse me somemore, i will tickle u ..
Zoe : no no no .. u already know i am filled with Joy ...
don't tickle me somemore. ...
Cheh Cheh Chloe and me .. :)
Caleb, Wesley and Chloe
Izrael and Chloe
All the mommies and all the kids.
Yay ... the family shot for the Album.

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Nathanael & Zoe with the Khoo Family

Nathanael & Zoe with the Khoo Family
Aunty Emily and Nathanael .... :)
Aunty Emily is making a funny face for Nathanael to laugh at .. :)
Uncle Douglas and Nathanael. Uncle Douglas just flew back
from Hong Kon for a visit ... yay!
Zoe Joy and Aunty Michelle.
Ain't we pretty huh?
Uncle Mark bought a little Piggie for me.
Cos in the Chinese Calendar, I was born in the year of the Pig.
Nathanael, Eunice, Ben, Zoe Joy, Michelle

Nathanael Standing with Back on Wall 1

Nathanael Standing Feat
Teacher Dolly and Kak Mas putting Nathanael by the wall.
Nope, he's not getting punishment, but he's learning to stand on his own.
Whoaaaa .... leaning a bit too much to the Left.
Steady him now.. ..
YAY! Nathanael is clapping and standing upright by the wall!

Zoe Joy and her Play Mat

Zoe Joy alertness and development is great.
She's learning to focus on moving objects placed above her.
She can now follow you when you move around her.

Zoe Joy on her Play Mat.

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Monday, May 14, 2007

Mother's Day Celebration with our Grand Mommies

Its Mother's Day
.. and we're celebrating it with our Grand Mommies
Zoe Joy with Ma Ma Nathanel, Po Po and Zoe Joy
Kung Kung and Zoe Joy Yeh Yeh and Nathanael
Yeah .. the grand daddies also must join in the celebration :)
Mah Mah & Po Po's smile are just perpectually
reflected with Joy and Happiness with their grandchildren.

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